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Duck Head: The history

Nashville, 1865

1865 was a tremendous historical crossroads for the Southern United States.  While slavery was being abolished and President Lincoln was laid to rest, brothers George and Joe O’Bryan were hard at work creating what is now one of the most recognized clothing brands in the nation: Duck Head Apparel.

In many ways Duck Head Apparel represented the rebuild of Nashville, TN, where the O’Bryan brothers manufactured their famous “duck” trousers. Before the Civil War, Nashville was referred to as the “Athens of the South” because of its many universities and it being the first southern city to establish a public school system. Music City was the wealthy and refined cultural destination of the South. But after the war ended, Nashville was left devastated amidst the rubble and debris.

Through the determination and guts of the O’Bryan brothers, Duck Head Apparel opened its doors that same year, and as Nashville’s dust began to settle, its residents would embrace the practical Duck Head Apparel way of life.

Resources: Duke, Jan. “Athens of the South.” Weblog post. 2005


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